The Rest of Everest Bonus Episode: Another Teaser for the Trek!

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The Rest of Everest continues to tease us this week with yet another video from the Everest Trek 2009 that show producer Jon Miller and professional photographer Chris Marquardt went on, along with ten other lucky hikers. The trek became the highest photography and videography workshop ever conducted, as the trekkers learned how to use their fancy cameras while proceeding up the Khumbu Valley.

This week’s episode comes courtesy of Chris, whose Tips From The Top Floor photography podcast ranks among the best on the Internet. The video is a bit shorter than the one Jon gave us last week, but still offers up spectacular views from the Himalaya and a nice taste of what the group experienced in Nepal.

If you caught last week’s episode, this teaser from Chris offers a bit of a different perspective. The sound bites from the other trekkers were interesting and fun, although they looked at exhausted from the flights to Nepal. The rest of the shots are a nice overview of the trek itself, starting on the streets of Kathmandu, then on to Lukla, and finally out to the Khumbu Valley itself.

Clearly between The Rest of Everest and Tips From The Top Floor, this trek will be well covered. Fans of both shows are in for a treat. You can find the Rest of Everest in iTunes by clicking here, and TFTTF here.

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