Paddling from Portalnd to the Pacific for a Cause 2187
The Wend Blog has a story up this morning about kayakers Andy Maser and Daniel Fox setting out on a little paddle on the Columbia River that will see them making the 130 mile journey from Portland to the Pacific Ocean.

The two men are making the journey to benefit a three different organizations, including the Disabled American Veterans, Team River Runner, and the We Love Clean Rivers project.

The duo will be blogging about the trip on the iWend website, posting updates as they go. You can also follow their progress at SPOT Adventures as well, where you can chart their progress and watch them roll down the river over the next few days.

It should be a fun expedition to follow along with, and expect plenty of good updates and photos from the journey. The fact that they are doing it for those three great causes is just icing on the cake. `

Kraig Becker

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  1. Not sure, and that's a good question. I'm assuming they've raised funds and awareness for these organizations in some way, and perhaps they will tell us more during the course of the paddle and their blog writings.

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    I wasn't able to find a way to email you directly, so I am leaving this comment here.

    I noticed that you are using a picture off of our company's website for this blog post. While we don't mind the usage so much, it would be nice to see it credited to us, and maybe a link to our site where the original picture lives.


    Mark Whitaker
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  3. This event was a "dry run" to gain an understanding of the challenges we will encounter when we increase the number of paddlers. In 2010 we will have 50 paddlers of varying skill levels. From the entry fees and sponsorships we will contribute proceeds to Team River Runner, We Love Clean Rivers and Disabled American Veterans. It turns out that paddling sports are an excellent way to improve one's outlook on life. In the process we will leverage the synergy to raise awareness. Its already begun. Thanks to all who have helped.

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