Energy Generating Backpack

Here’s an interesting concept that is gaining traction with the military now and could potentially impact consumer products down the line. It’s a video of a backpack with a specially designed frame that collects energy as we walk. It then stores the energy up so it can be used to power our gadgets, like sat phones, iPods, and other technology. Seems like it has lots of promise. Of course, it’ll have to become affordable too. That’s the real trick!

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Energy Generating Backpack”

  1. The problem with this, as with energy generating shoes and the like, is that it's still taking energy out of the body. If it did so while making the pack more stable or easier to carry there might be some benefit, but as most of these go it's just soaking up watts from your muscles…may as well pack a crank generator.

  2. Well, the energy does have to come from somewhere, and as it stands, that energy is being expended anyway, this is just a method of collecting it.

    The frame seems to be a bit bulky yet, but I think that can improve over time. Definitely and interesting concept.

  3. Backpack power: Profoundjy stupid idea. Sucks energy from your backpack bobbing up and down. Any soldier learns in his first month to walk so his backpack does NOT bob up and down… or his back starts to really hurt. These things have to slap up and down 5 inches to generate 30 watts. Bobbing backpacks: bad as the Army's failed heel-power which is like walking on high heels: great way to go to war or climb a mountain.

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