Skiing Cascadia: Climbing and Skiing Volcanoes in the Cascades

It is never too early to start thinking about your 2010 New Year’s resolution, and clearly Matt Bedrin. of has already made his. Matt has announced that starting on January 1 of next year, he will begin his quest to climb and ski the 40 volcanoes in the Cascade Mountain Range.

On his website, Matt explains that the Cascade Volcano Arc cover an area roughly 800 miles in length, starting in California and running north through Oregon, Washington, and into British Columbia. The plan is for Matt and a revolving group of friends, to take advantage of the perpetual ski season in the Cascades, to climb to the summit of each of the volcanoes and then make ski descents back down. He also intends to document the entire experience, sharing it with the rest of us, and hopefully inspiring others to have some adventures of their own.

The website that supports the expedition is up and running, with some information and updates already in place. Once Matt gets started on his climbs, the site will become the hub for keeping us informed of his progress and sharing his climbing and skiing experiences. It should be fun to follow along as he goes after each of these peaks.

Hmm… climbing and skiing 40 volcanoes in the Cascades huh? That’s better than my planned New Year’s Resolution, which was to give up gummi bears. Who am I kidding though. I’d never be able to accomplish that.

Good luck Matt!

Kraig Becker

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