Adventure World Interviews Eric Larsen

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Yesterday I mentioned that we are on the very edge of the kickoff to the Antarctic season, with explorers heading south in preparation for their long, challenging march to the Pole, and in some cases beyond. One of those explorers is American Eric Larsen, who is the subject of an interview by Adventure World Magazine on the eve of his own departure.

Eric is launching the first stage of his Save The Poles Expedition, which will entail him traveling to the “Three Poles”, which in adventure circles includes the North and South Pole of course, but also the summit of Everest. Those three points have been achieved by others of course, but this is the first time that someone is attempting them within a 365 day period. Ambitious to say the least.

In the interview with AWM, Larsen talks about his favorite expedition thus far, what fires his passion for adventure, and the biggest challenges that have arisen from his travels. He also talks about the journey ahead, discussing how he’ll spend down time at the end of the day and what is top five gear items that are necessary on any expedition.

Expect to hear a lot more about Eric in the days ahead. He plans to depart for Chile tomorrow, and will soon be hopping a flight to Hercules Inlet, with a big pile of gear in tow. From there, it’s on to the Pole, a journey that he expects will take 52-days to complete.

Kraig Becker

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