More Primal Quest Videos

I missed these earlier in the week, but wanted to share them now. Adventure World Magazine has two more videos from Primal Quest Badlands that follow along with the race as it developed this past August in South Dakota.

In the first video, which is actually the third PQ Web Episode, we catch up to the teams on the first, of what would prove to be many, mountain biking legs. The race has begun to take it’s toll on some of the racers, but at this early stage, there is still nearly 500 miles to go on the World’s Most Challenging Human Endurance Competition.

The next video catches up with Team Bones, as the negotiate a rather challenging, but thrilling ropes course, which was one of the highlights of this year’s race in the Badlands. Watching this video, you’ll understand why. Good stuff!

Kraig Becker

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