Cycling The Americas Update: Mark Summits Aconcagua!

Long distance cycler Mark Beaumont completed another milestone in his ride from Alaska to the southernmost tip of South America this weekend when he reached the summit of Aconcagua. The mountain, which is the tallest in South America at 22,841 feet, is his second successful summit since beginning the journey last year. He also topped out on Denali, the highest peak in North America at 20,320 feet, last June.

Mark set aside his bike about two weeks ago, when he joined the climbing team in Argentina. At the time, he mentioned how he needed to get his legs use to trekking a mountain again, as they has spent many consecutive weeks on a bike. It seems he found his legs though, as he and the rest of his climbing group, reached the summit on Friday afternoon. While the Scottish cyclist hasn’t posted anything about the climb on his blog yet, there are some photos from summit day that you can check out now.

After a bit of a rest, Mark will now return to his bike and resume his journey southward. If he stays on schedule, he’s expected to finish up the ride in February, and the BBC has been filming the expedition for an upcoming documentary as well. Congrats to Mark on the successful climb of Aconcagua. Enjoy the rest of the ride and stay safe.

Kraig Becker

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