Backpacker Magazine Does the Editor’s Choice Awards Too! On Video No Less!

A few days back we got the Editor’s Choice Awards from Outside Magazine, and not to be outdone, Backpacker has followed suit. In fact, Backpacker has done them one better, offering their selections in video format, which is a great way to not only present reviews on gear and other products, but also give us a real, first hand account of what the gear looks like, how big (or small) it is, and how it all operates.

You can check out an example of one of the videos below, and then view all of them on the Editor’s Choice webpage. There is plenty to view there, so this should keep you busy for awhile, and there are some great products, with more coming soon.

Warning: The author of the Adventure Blog is not responsible for you draining your bank account to purchase all of this gear.

Kraig Becker

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