Mountain Biking Season Isn’t That Far Away!

We may still be locked into winter here in the northern hemisphere, especially considering that there was snow on the ground in all 50 U.S. states this past weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to spring, and warmer weather, when we can get on our bikes once again. To help us through this long drought, Adventure World Magazine has posted this mountain biking video that is fast and furious. They mention that it might offer some inspiration while we wait for the spring thaw, but watching a couple of the wipeouts reminds me that I’m in no hurry for THAT to happen.


Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Mountain Biking Season Isn’t That Far Away!”

  1. So basically, the creators of this video (and I'm really stretching by calling them "creators") rip-off video content that The Collective had spent their time and money creating, and you guys think it's a good idea to share it with your audience?


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