Major Motion Picture About George Mallory On The Way!

Variety is reporting that a major motion picture about the life of George Mallory has gotten the green light to go into production, with some big names already attached to the project.

According to the story, Julia Roberts will be producing the film, with Shekhar Kapur taking on the director duties. Kapur is best known for helming The Four Feathers and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. His experience with period pieces will no doubt serve him well in the production of this new film, which is tentatively titled Mallory.

While not a lot is known about the script as of yet, Variety does say the film will deal with Mallory’s home life while he worked diligently to plan his expedition to Everest. The film will explore how the legendary climber’s obsession with the mountain took its toll on his personal relationships and in particular his marriage.

It seems like this film has some great potential, but there hasn’t been any casting yet. Anyone have any suggestions on who should play Mallory? How about Irvine? Hmm…

Thanks to the Outside Blog for the tip on this one.

Kraig Becker

9 thoughts on “Major Motion Picture About George Mallory On The Way!”

  1. Mallory died when he was just short of 38 years old, so they need an actor in the 35-45 year old range.

    Hollywood is not very imaginative when they cast people in movies, they always pick the obvious, often cliche person for the role.

    Seems like the obvious pick would be Leonardo DiCaprio. Mallory has somewhat of a "soft" face, as does DiCaprio. They probably aren't willing to pay him the big bucks, and DiCaprio has done roles like this before.

    I'd imagine Matthew McConnaughey would be a candidate also, but he's typecast as the "romantic comedy" guy. (His best role EVER was as "Wooderson" in Dazed and Confused!)

  2. Not sure about McConnaughey, but I like the choice of Leo. He'd be great, and it seems like the kind of role he'd be interested in. But I agree, not sure they can afford him.

  3. I think they should have a Brit play the Brit. If they need a big name, what about Jude Law?

  4. Clive Owen would be perfect as George Mallory. I'm assuming Julia Roberts will play Ruth Mallory? And how about Ewan MacGregor or Jude Law as Sandy Irvine

  5. It's funny you say that David, as I immediately thought of Clive Owen for the role as well. Seems like a good fit, and we know that he and Julia know each other.

    I believe that she will only be in the producing role though. I'd be surprised if she's in the film.

  6. Can i point out to Wade that Mallory was English! We can't have an American playing him :). Clive Owen seems like a great choice!

  7. Clive Owen? I don't see it!

    He has more of a "working class" face. Mallory graduated from Cambridge.

    I can't picture Clive Owen playing a Cambridge man! But if he could pull it off, then he really is a good actor!

    If Peter O'Toole was about 40 years younger, he'd be another good pick!

  8. Hadn't thought of that one Tom, but he's a good pick too. I actually really like him as an actor. But yeah, we'd have to dye his hair.

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