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I just wanted to post a quick note this morning to welcome Steripen as an advertiser to my blog. For those that aren’t aware of what they do, Steripen makes a number of products designed to purify your water while backpacking, camping, or traveling. But while many companies make iodine tablets and similar items that you can drop in your water, Steripen makes filters, and more importantly, high tech devices that use ultraviolet light to kill 99.99% of all the bacteria and other bad stuff that can be potentially lurking inside the water you drink.

From personal experience, I recently took my Steripen Journey LCD with me to Nepal, and I have to say that it worked flawlessly. While others on the trip had to drop their purification tablets into the water, and then wait anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours before they took effect, I simply activated by Journey, dropped it into my water bottle, and stirred the water for 90 seconds. When finished, the water was ready to drink immediately, and I suffered no ill effects from that water while hiking to Everest Base Camp.

It should also be noted that I owned the Journey long before the folks at Steripen contacted me about advertising on the site, so I was well aware of, and fully endorsed, their product ahead of time. It is a great addition to any pack, whether you’re headed out for a long weekend of backpacking or traveling halfway around the world. If you haven’t used one before, or don’t know much about Steripen, I encourage you to click on over to their website and see what they have to offer. When it comes to clean drinking water, I can’t imagine a better solution to have with you on your adventures.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Steripen”

  1. I've been considering one of these for a while. What's the life expectancy for a SteriPen? And how have you found its battery consumption?

  2. The lamp is suppose to be good for 8000 uses, and the batteries are suppose to run for about 100 uses before needing a replacement. I used it several times a day for two weeks, and the batteries are still going strong, so thumbs up from me in the battery life department.

    Great little device that works quickly and as advertised. I obviously recommend them.

  3. Steripen is GREAT!!!. Love mine + their customer service is over the top. Had a small problem with mine + a cracked battery door that was my own fault. I am pretty sure the totally replaced my unit for FREE and really quickly

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