Trekking to the Lost City in Colombia

By now you would think I would know better than to surf on by the Best Hike blog. More than once editor Rick McCharles has added something new to my “life list” of must do treks, and today is no different.

A couple of days back Rick posted the video below that shows of an amazing multi-day trek that I hadn’t heard of, but is now very much on my radar. The five day long, 50km hike, takes you through remote mountains and jungles in Colombia to visit the sacred city of Tayuna. The trek cannot be made independently, and service is offered by Sierra Tours. For more information, checkout Best Hike’s page dedicated to the trek

Check out the amazing video below, and then lets start planning our trip!

The Lost City with Sierra Tours from GetUp&Go Films on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Trekking to the Lost City in Colombia”

  1. This seems intriguing…..

    Somewhat appropriate for me, since I couldn't sleep, and woke up early at 5AM. I also had to finish the book Cradle of Gold by Christopher Heaney, mentioned here a while ago, since it's due at the public library today.

    Anyways, I was kinda stuck between the dream state and being fully awake on my subway ride this morning, so I was thinking a lot of going somewhere like Peru to see some ruins.

    This place might be even better. I'll have to check out the video at home, since my employer has a "firewall of death" that blocks anything remotely fun!

    I wonder if you go to the Lost City in Colombia, do you think you might run into Enik working a matrix table trying to open a time doorway back home?

    (That's a silly reference to a certain mid-70's TV show involving dinosaurs and a blonde girl in pigtails wearing a red checkered shirt! Don't waste your time with the recent movie!)

  2. You're right Wade, the recent movie was awful. 😉

    And this is intriguing to me as well because I'd be willing to bet that this trek is not crowded at all. It looks amazing, and Colombia is still of the radar for a lot of travelers, even though it has turned around in terms of safety.

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