Alex Honnold Up To His Old Tricks

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A few weeks back the climbing world was abuzz with stories about Alex Honnold’s combined speed climbs up Half Dome and El Cap in Yosemite. Now comes word that that was just a warm up, as it seems that he may have topped himself with a triple-header. is reporting that Honnold, along with climbing partner Sean Leary, linked up three routes in Yosemite, climbing the Nose, Salathé Wall, and Lurking Fear all in one day. The climb began at 8 PM, and the dynamic duo knocked off the Nose in just 4 hours and 15 minutes. From there it was on to Salathé, which they reportedly conquered in six hours, before moving on to the Lurking Fear route. 

Climbing doesn’t give a time for Lurking Fear, but they note that Alex and Sean were seen eating pizza in Curry Village the following evening at 8 PM, which means that they managed to climb 85 pitches spread out over 2400 meters (7875 feet), in less than 24 hours time. 

Thanks to the Goat for the head’s up on this story. 

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Alex Honnold Up To His Old Tricks”

  1. So are these free climbs? Or is he roping up to set these records? Probably a silly question, but you never know with him.

  2. I believe he is roped in on these climbs, especially considering that he is stringing them together the way he does. He certainly has the talent to free climb, but that's an awful lot of hours out on the rock.

    Good question though. I haven't seen any indication on this one either way. I'm just making an assumption.

  3. A "free" climb is a roped climb.

    "Free" means the rope is used for protection in case of a fall, but not for ascending (that would an "aid" climb). "Free solo", or less commonly, "third class" would mean no rope. "Solo" often means no rope, but not necessarily as one can climb alone with a rope.

    Make sense?

    Speed climbing invariably is done "simul-climbing", whereby both partners move at the same time (no belays), tied into the rope, and mix free and aid techniques depending on which is faster.

    Click on my name for an example.

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