The Himalaya Then and Now

A few days back I posted a story about how recent  photos showed the effects of climate change on Everest and the glaciers that surround it, when compared with similar photos taken by George Mallory back in 1921. The man who took those photos is none other than filmmaker and mountaineer David Breashears, who has directed a number of films on Everest, including the famous IMAX film from back in 1996.

Breashears has been traveling throughout the Himalaya taking photos of other famous mountains and comparing them to older images, and the results have been startling. The glaciers are retreating at a surprising rate, and that is putting a strain on the indigenous people of the region who now have to hike longer distances to find fresh water.

The photos are part of an art exhibition that opened last week in Manhattan. The exhibit is called Rivers of Ice and is being put on by the Asia Society through August 15th. Below is a video of Breashears discussing the project more fully.

Kraig Becker

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  1. its really nice video. really i socked when i see your video because before there was alot of snow but now days there is almost no thing. we must do some thing to save himalaya.

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