Steps To The Summit – Step 21: Mileposts

Today’s edition of the Steps to the Summit, brought to us by Expedition Hanesbrands, offers up yet another important lesson for anyone making a climb of Everest, or going after any other major goal. Expedition leader Jamie Clarke recommends that we make what he calls mileposts along the way, which are smaller goals that we can achieve more easily and in a more timely fashion. Those goals are closer to us, and we can achieve them more quickly, but each of them pulls us a bit closer to our ultimate goal.

Jamie uses the example of climbing Everest to demonstrate what he means. Your first goal is to get to Base Camp, and once you are there, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something, but then you’ll turn your sights on Camp 1, then Camp 2, and so on. Taking on the mountain in these smaller bites helps to climbers to go at a slow, steady pace while the acclimatize, and eventually, it puts them in place to achieve the summit.

Some goals can take years to accomplish, and you have to establish a number of mileposts along the way. But those smaller, short term goals are what get us to the end point eventually. This is a very good thing to keep in mind along the way.

Kraig Becker

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