Steps to the Summit – Step 29: Closure

The 29th, and final, episode of Expedition HanesbrandsSteps to the Summit series is appropriately titled “Closure.” This video was shot after the team completed their climb of Everest this past spring, and in it, team leader Jamie Clarke talks about achieving closure after finally standing on the summit. Closure was something he didn’t even know that he needed, but he found it none the less, and after spending nearly 20 years focused on climbing Everest, it is clear that it provided him with a profound sense of satisfaction. This particular episode doesn’t need a lot of explanation, and by simply watching it, you can sense the emotional impact that the journey has had on Jamie.

This is the last of the Steps to the Summits videos. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching them as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you.

Kraig Becker