The Rest of Everest Episode 136: A Rare Opportunity

Rest of Everest Logo small

Quite a lot of things happened last week while I was out of contact and offline, including the return of my favorite video podcast, the Rest of Everest. The show has been on hiatus for the past few months while creator Jon Miller made a trek to Everest BC in the spring, and has since been transitioning to making the podcast his full time gig – a challenging endeavor to be sure!

This episode, number 136 in the series, returns us to where we were when we left off back in April, with a continuation of a trek to base camp that took place in 2009. The team has split into two groups, a few that went on to Base Camp itself, while others made the climb of Kala Patar, opting to go for the better views of the mountain as opposed to actually going to BC itself.

The video quickly reminds us why we love this podcast, starting off with some great scenery and capturing views of climbers making their way up the mountain. Those opening shots, which go on for several minutes, really help to give a sense of scale to the Himalaya, as the climbers look like tiny dots in the distance.

Other highlights to the episode include a glimpse inside the cooking tent, shots of large rocks and boulders suspended above the ground in BC by columns of ice, and the return of some old friends that long time viewers will recognize.

Having now completed this trek myself, seeing some of these images is even more fun, as I recognize many of the places that they are visiting. I look forward to the rest of this series, as the next few episodes will continue to follow the 2009 trekking team as they make their way back down the mountain to Lukla, and eventually Kathmandu.

Welcome back Jon and the rest of the ROE team!

Kraig Becker