Soldiers To The Summit: 12 Injured Vets Take On Himalayan Peaks


The Soldiers to the Summit Expedition is underway in Nepal as 12 injured vets make a trek up the Khumbu Valley, where they’ll take on two very different and distinct Himalayan peaks, while showing how they can also overcome their own physical limitations to achieve whatever goal they set out to conquer.

The soldiers are joined by ten former Everest summitteers, including Erik Weihenmayer, who gained world wide fame by becoming the first blind mountaineer to top out on that peak. They’ll be taking on two very different Himalayan summits this time however, as a portion of the climbers will make the trek to the summit of the 18,512 foot Kala Pattar, while others will face the challenge of snow and ice on the 20,075 foot tall Labouche.

According to their latest blog posts, the team is currently in Namche Bazaar and enjoying the standard rest day that usually accompanies a stop in that village. So far it seems that they are all in good spirits and feeling well and enjoying the trek through some of the best scenery anywhere on the planet. I know from personal experience that the hike up Namche Hill is a long, tough one, but that the views at the top are well worth it. The rest day is valuable as well, as it is also the first day at high altitude.

A documentary is being filmed about the expedition, and they hope to release it in early 2011. Below you’ll find a teaser trailer of what you can expect. Looks like a really great project.

Soldiers to the Summit from Outside Adventure Film School on Vimeo.

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  1. It is really very humbling reading the post about the injured vets.

    So many take daily life for granted yet these vets really know how to live. Great blog!

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