15-Year Old Completes 45-Foot V11 Route

This video comes to us courtesy of Climbing.com and shows 15-year old Enzo Oddo climbing the V11 Ambrosia route along the Grandpa Peabody boulder in The Buttermilks, located in Bishop, California. The route has only been climbed on four other occasions, by the likes of Kevin Jorgeson, Alex Honnold, and Isaac Caldiero. Joreson was the first to complete the route back in January of 2009, but didn’t give it a grade at the time. Honnold followed on a year later, and rated it a V10/V11 difficulty. According to Climbing.com however when Caldiero made the climb he actually broke off a foot hold, adding to the level of the challenge at the early part of the climb.

Being able to make these kinds of ascents at 15 is just wrong. Looks like a fun climb though.

Kraig Becker