22 Essential Adventure Skills We All Need

Outside Online has a great article on their website listing the bare essential skills that all adventurers should have in their arsenal, no matter where they are headed. They are designed to be a baseline for any outdoor enthusiast who finds themselves off the beaten path from time to time and on adventures, both planned and unexpected.

This list really does have a little of something for everyone, from the backpacker, long distance trekker, or adventure traveler. The skills vary greatly, but they all have one thing in common – making us all safe while we’re on the go and making our journeys a lot easier.

In total, there are 22 skills listed on this “bare essentials” list and even if you already know most of them inside and out, it’s nice to have a reminder. Most of the entires on the list include anecdotes or stories that explain when and why they are necessary, as well as some helpful tips on how to brush up your own skills in that particular area.

Examples of these essential skills include “Never Get Caught Empty-Pocketed” which means make sure you have the gear you need to survive on you at all times. The “Pack Like A Pro” section offers helpful hints on selecting the right clothing for your trip and packing it all properly, while the “Pull Off a Big Trip” section gives advice on how to organize that adventure you’ve always wanted to take.

Some of these things may seem elementary upon first glance, but as I said, reminders are always a good thing, and even if you’re an old pro, you may find some new tips in this list. Apparently this is just part 1 of a four part series on “essentials” so we’ll have plenty more to come it seems.

Nice tips from a great source and an especially helpful article for beginners or those just in the planning stages of their first big adventure.

Kraig Becker