Winter Expeditions Make Steady Progress on K2

The winter climbing season on K2 has only just gotten underway, but already the teams on the mountain are making steady progress. Most of the climbers arrived in Base Camp before Christmas and celebrated the holidays acclimatizing and shuttling gear to the higher camps amidst good weather. But anyone who knows anything about climbing in … Read more

The Coronavirus has Spread All the Way to Antarctica

About one year ago, we first started hearing rumors of a strange new virus that was spreading across parts of China. News reports indicated that doctors in Wuhan’s city were struggling to contain a particularly virulent strain of this new disease, which was infecting people at an alarming rate. We didn’t know it then, but … Read more

Mt. Everest Just Got a Little Bit Taller

The tallest mountain on the planet just got a little bit taller. Or shorter, depending on who you believe. Yesterday, Nepal and China jointly released the findings of two high profile surveys of the Himalayan giant, with the results making headlines across the globe. The question is, whether or not the survey’s will withstand scrutiny … Read more

Nirmal Purja to Attempt K2 in Winter

2020 has been a difficult year for mountaineers. With the Himalaya and Karakoram almost completely shut down, there have been only a handful of expeditions to follow all year long. That is about to change, as no fewer than three teams have announced plans to attempt K2 this winter, with some talented and tough climbers … Read more

Last Surviving Member of 1953 Everest Expedition Passes Away

The mountaineering community marked the passing of an era late last week. On Friday, November 20, pioneering adventure and travel writer Jan Morris passed away at the age of 94 after leading a life that included adventure, groundbreaking writing, and pushing the envelope in gender roles. She also happened to be the last remaining member … Read more