Eco-Challenge 2021 Update: No News is Good News?

Eco-Challenge on Media Lock Down

The return of Eco-Challenge in 2019 brought plenty of energy and excitement to the adventure racing community. When that event was over, the production team behind the “word’s toughest race” promised that another edition would soon follow. That was before a global pandemic brought everything to halt, leaving us to wonder if Eco-Challenge 2021 would … Read more

Mt. Everest 2021: An Update From the High Himalaya

Mt. Everest 2021

The Mt. Everest 2021 spring climbing season is off and running, with scores of mountaineers now starting to filter into Base Camp. Most are just now getting settled in at 17,500 feet (5334 meters) as they prepare to spend the better part of a month or more on the mountain. Traditionally a summit push doesn’t … Read more

The Everest 2021 Climbing Season is About to Begin

Road to Everest

The past 12 months have been long and difficult ones for the country of Nepal. A year ago, as COVID-19 spread across the planet, the Nepali government was forced to cancel the high-profile and lucrative Himalayan trekking and climbing season. While necessary to help prevent the spread of the virus, the move left the travel-dependent … Read more

Bear Grylls Explorers Camp Opens for Business

24 adult survival course

Most people who visit the United Arab Emirates flock to Dubai’s money-centric city to splash their cash and live it large. Most readers of The Adventure Blog probably don’t have huge cravings to visit this utopia for the rich. We like to picture you all as intrepid adventurers who measure a trip’s satisfaction by the … Read more

The Filmmaker Who Brings the Trail to You


Depending on your country, you may still be in a state of perpetual lockdown. But with vaccines being rolled out and dates being mentioned where our freedoms may return, for some of us, the end is in sight, and the yearning for the great outdoors is greater than ever. There are also those of us … Read more

Four Ways to Travel From Home in a Pandemic

Secret Mountains Series Tryfan

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you like to get away once in a while. The great outdoors is probably your jam but even a one day city break would be great right now. Any trip, be it overland or by plane, abroad or domestic, would be welcomed by most of us. Don’t let … Read more

New Polar Expedition Classification Scheme Looks to Define Cold Adventures

Chinese Polar Explorer

For decades adventurers and explorers have routinely found themselves at odds with one another over how to best define their individual achievements. Significant accomplishments are generally put under a microscope to see if they can survive the intense scrutiny of the adventure community, where even the choice of specific words used to describe an expedition … Read more

Nepal to Reopen Everest for Spring 2021 Despite Ongoing Pandemic

Road to Everest

In March of 2020, the rapidly-spreading coronavirus brought the world to an abrupt halt. The global pandemic caused most countries to institute strict lockdowns, with many closing their borders in an attempt to prevent the spread of the disease. Forced to confront the growing threat from COVID-19, the world’s economy came to a standstill, international … Read more

Nepali Army to Clean Trash on Everest, 5 Other Peaks

trash on everest

Clean Trash on Everest In recent years, there have been two persistent stories concerning Mt. Everest that the mainstream press have shared on an an annual basis. The first of those stories is just how crowded the mountain has become, while the other centers on the amount of trash that has accumulated on the Himalayan … Read more