North Pole 2011: Ben Saunders Preps For Speed Record Attempt

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It seems not all of the North Pole expeditions are over for 2011, despite the rather dire news yesterday. British adventurer Ben Saunders is still planning on making his attempt at a speed record to the North Pole, and has left for Canada this morning. He hopes to be in Resolute Bay on Thursday of this week, and plans on starting his march North by the 15th of the month.

Ben will attempt to break the current speed records to the Pole from the Canadian side, which stands at 36 days, 22 hours by dogsled and 41 days, 18 hours on foot. Both of those expeditions were supported, but Ben plans on going solo and unsupported in his attempt as well, which will make it all the more challenging.

Saunders first attempted the speed run back in 2009, but was forced to abandon that attempt due to critical failures to his ski equipment. Last year he tried again, but had issues with his fuel. He’s back for another go this season, and the weather delays don’t seem to concern him much, as he is already working with a limited window to begin with.

Yesterday, Ben wrote a great blog entry that takes a few shots at his critics. Written on the eve of his departure, it is an excellent read and gives some good insights into his adventurous spirit. Check it out by clicking here.

Good luck once again Ben. We’ll be following you all the way to the Pole!

Ben Saunders – North 3 from Ben Saunders on Vimeo.

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