Pole2Pole Update: Heading South And Fighting Frostbite

20110410hardice.a7foe0f6h6gwcsw488w0o8o8o.6ylu316ao144c8c4woosog48w.thLast week I posted a story about the launch of the Pole2Pole expedition which will see Swedish explorer Johan Ernst Nilson travel from the North to the South Pole in 12 months time. When I wrote that introductory article I was only able to link out to PR sites from expedition sponsor Audi, but now I have the full website where we can follow Nilson’s progress online.

The year-long journey officially got underway last Tuesday, with Nilson setting off from the North Pole. During this first leg of the journey, he’s attempting to kite-ski to Greenland, but according to updates to his blog, things have not been easy thus far. The ice walls that are common in the arctic do not make it easy to use the kites, and dragging the 110 kilo (242 pound) sleds has made for slow going thus far. The Swede has already broken (and repaired!) one of his skis, but is also suffering from frostbite on all ten fingers, although that seems to be a holdover from previous polar expeditions.

Still, Nilson seems determined to forge ahead with his expedition, and upon reaching Greenland he’ll transition to dogsleds for a brief run to the northwest coast. From there, he’ll sail across the Atlantic to Canada where he’ll begin a long bike ride south to Patagonia, eventually reaching Tierra del Fuego. After that, it’s back in the sailboat for a jaunt across the Southern Ocean, and then one final leg by kite-ski to the South Pole. When he’s done, he’ll have traveled more than 28,000km (17,000 miles) in a completely carbon neutral fashion without using any fossil fuels.

Be sure to follow along with Johan’s progress on his website and check out the video below for more i

nformation on what he’s up to and the polar history that he is paying homage to.

Kraig Becker

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  1. He's just getting started too! He has a lot of long, cold days ahead of him yet. Hope those fingers start to thaw. (And toes too!)

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