Expedition Impossible Starts June 23 On ABC

expedition impossible

Remember that reality television show called Expedition Impossible that I told you about way back in November? Well, it’ll begin airing in June on ABC and looks to pit 13 teams of three against one another in  what appears to be an interesting mix of The Amazing Race and the sport of adventure racing. It’ll debut on June 23rd and could make for fun summer television for those times when you’re not actually outside doing these things for yourself.

The show is executive produced by Mark Burnett, of Survivor fame, and while not everyone knows it, Burnett does have experience in the world of adventure racing. He was the creator of the Eco-Challenge, which was the AR event back in the day. When I met Burnett a few years back, I asked him about Eco-Challenge and he told me that it was his favorite project ever, but that the liability was too high to continue producing the event. It seems like he has found a way to mix his passion for adventure racing with a television show that is more suited for home audiences to follow. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has cooked up for us.

The official website for the Expedition Impossible doesn’t offer much info yet, but the trailer below may get you excited. Thanks to Clyde Soles for sharing this with me.

Updated: I’ve added the high quality commercial to this post. Much better looking than the one shot on someone’s iPhone or Flip camera. I’m told a full 2 minute trailer is in the works and may come as early as this week.

Kraig Becker