Kilian Jornet Sets New Speed Record Up Mt. Olympus

13282Trail runner and endurance athlete Kilian Jornet has set another speed record for running up a mountain. According to the Salomon Running blog, the man who is widely considered the best trail runner in the world, conquered the 3500 meter (11,482 feet) Mt. Olympus in Greece in just 5 hours, 19 minutes, and 45 seconds. His trail to the top was 45km (28 miles) in length. Check out the video below to get a taste of what it was like to run up that legendary peak.

You may also recall that Kilian was the man who set the new speed record on Kilimanjaro last fall. On that run, he went from the base to the summit, and back again in just 7 hours and 14 minutes. His summit climb took just 5 hours and 23 minutes. Impressive times to say the least, as the trail up Kili is not a smooth one, and dealing with those kinds of rapid altitude gains is not easy.

Kraig Becker

7 thoughts on “Kilian Jornet Sets New Speed Record Up Mt. Olympus”

  1. "conquered" the peak?

    Anyway, Kilian ran Olympus the previous weekend, not this last one; that would have been too close to his unfinished business in CA this Saturday.

  2. "the man who is widely considered the best trail runner in the world"

    False, in fact. Who "widely" considers him this?

    He does solo, unofficial runs. He avoids timed races. The best do officiated races.

    A fraud, purely is Killian. He cant afford to do timed races. There are many races on Olympus he's done none.

  3. "set another speed record" ?

    What was the previous record of Olympus? And by whom?

    ?? journalism ?? Obviously missing facts that are important.

    A joke, Craig.

  4. i still think surfing is better this jsut a dude running up a hill not that challenging lol

  5. I went trekking here once and our trekking challenge takes us through forest paths and grassy uplands to Mitikas, at 2,917m Mt Olympus’ highest peak, where we, like Zeus, can survey the world and enjoy views described as ‘fit for the gods!’

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