More Adventure Racing News


It seems that there has been a steady stream of adventure racing news of late, partly because the season is in full swing here in North America, where a number of races are preparing to challenge teams throughout the summer.

One of the most highly anticipated races is the Raid the North Extreme, which will take place July 23rd – 31st in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. That means the race is just over a month away, so you know that teams, volunteers, and organizers are gearing up for their event. The last time I posted an update on the race, it was to announce that it would be televised in both the U.S. and Canada later this year. At the time, it was announced that New Edge Entertainment would be taking charge of the production of the show, but they want to get the teams in on the act as well.

While New Edge crews will be on hand to film as much of the race as they can, they realize that it is difficult to capture all the amazing and dramatic moments of any adventure race. That’s why they’re also looking for any first-person footage, shot out on the course by teams competing in the event. They will accept highlights that are up to 30 minutes in length, but would like to know which teams could provide them with said footage before the race begins.

So, if you’re competing at the RTNX and you’re planning on strapping a helmet cam to your head, you may want to let them know. Contact Julie at New Edge asap if your team is interested at 778.297.7377 ext 117 or

Also, it was announced today that registration for the second annual Checkpoint Tracker National Championship will open July 1st. Teams that are interested in competing in the October 21st event will want to sign-up as soon as possible, as the event is limited to just 300 racers, although the top ten teams in each division at the end of the season will get a guaranteed entry. The entry fee is $250/racer and this year’s championship will be held in the Land Between the Lakes area of Kentucky.

Watch the Checkpoint Tracker website for more information and for the registration to go live.

Kraig Becker