Watch The First 14-Minutes of Expedition Impossible Now!

I’ve posted about Expedition Impossible a couple of times already. It’s the latest show from Mark Burnett, the creator of Survivor and other hit reality shows. The interesting thins about Expedition Impossible is that it looks to combine successful elements from adventure racing and The Amazing Race, into a new formula that will hopefully be fun to watch.

The show begins airing on ABC this Thursday, June 23rd, at 7 PM, but you can now watch the first 14-minutes online. Check out the video below and share your thoughts!

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Watch The First 14-Minutes of Expedition Impossible Now!”

  1. Wow. Mark Burnett may have just ruined his career. How can he do the EcoChallenge which involved legit athletes and a true "Expedition" and then do this crap show with people who are completely clueless, putting themselves and others at risk because they are morans and think that they are athletes?

  2. That part toward the end of that clip led me to believe there was some major staging going on with this show.

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