New Film Follows Paraplegic Up Kilimanjaro

800px Mount Kilimanjaro

Remember Chris Waddell? He’s the paraplegic athlete who climbed Kilimanjaro a few years ago without the use of his legs. Chris actually went up the mountain by pedaling a hand-cart with his arms, eventually reaching the summit of Africa’s highest peak.

Now, a film about his adventure is being screened in a few select spots across the country giving us a first hand look at what it was like for him to go up the 5895 meter (19,340 ft) Kilimanjaro. It looks like a very inspiring and well made film, based on the trailer that you’ll find below. I’m hoping I get a chance to see it at some point.

I had the opportunity to speak with Chris on the phone shortly after he had completed his climb, and he seemed like a very genuine, good natured, guy who loved the outdoors and simply wasn’t going to let anything stand in the way of his goals. He was also very humble about his accomplishments and just wanted to breakdown barriers as to what the general perception of what a paraplegic could physically accomplish. I have lots of respect for him.

Thanks to The Goat for sharing this one.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Wow Kraig, I remeber this. One of those fellow adventurers whom I only need to think about to then feel the inspiration…..

  2. I'm with you DSD! It was great to see an update on him and he was recently on American television in a show about amazing athletes too.

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