Adventurers Plan To Walk From Mongolia To Hong Kong


Two adventurers are preparing for an epic expedition that will have them traveling on foot and by kayak from Ulaanbaator, Mongolia to Hong Kong, China. The journey will cover more than 3500km, and because it wasn’t challenging enough on its own, they’ve decided to do it during the winter.

In November of this year, Rob Lilwall and Leon McCarron will set out on a self supported expedition that begins in Outer Mongolia and travels south through the Gobi Desert. From there, they’ll cross into China and follow the Great Wall to the Yellow River. Once they arrive at the river, they’ll use inflatable kayaks, which they’ll carry in their backpacks, to paddle to the city of Xi An, a city whose history dates back more than 3100 years. From there, they’ll get back on land and finish their expedition with a trek through the mountains of central China, before ultimately reaching the finish line in Hong Kong. If all goes as planned, that should happen sometime in March of 2012.

The journey will be chronicled and eventually turned into a television series for National Geographic, but will also serve as a vehicle to raise funds for the Viva organization, a non-profit charity that works to provide educational opportunities for underprivileged children across the globe.

No strangers to adventure, Brit Rob Lilwall once rode more than 48,000 kilometers on his bike, starting in Siberia and ending in London. Along the way he visited Tibet, Afghanistan, and a number of other out of the way places. Irishman Leon McCarron is a documentary cameraman who has worked on five continents and has put in a fair share of time on the bike as well. McCarron recently rode more than 23,000km from New York to Hong Kong while shooting footage of the people he met along the way.

Be sure to drop by their website at for more information on their expedition and to follow along when they get started in a few months time. Good luck boys!

Kraig Becker

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