Ocean Rowing: Roz Nears The Finish Line

Roz Departing on Indian Ocean Row

Today marks the 150th day on the Indian Ocean for Roz Savage, who set out from Australia in April and at long last is closing in on Mauritius, her finish line for yet another epic ocean row. She is expected to make landfall on Tuesday, October 4th, and when she does, she’ll become the first woman to have rowed solo across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

While each of the three ocean rows has had its share of challenges, the Indian Ocean presented one that Roz hadn’t dealt with before, namely pirates. Pirate activity in the region has increased greatly in the past few years, and for that reason alone she kept her course and location a well guarded secret. Those of us who have been following Roz’s adventures over the past few years have been use to following her progress on the “Roz Tracker,” but on this expedition that was disabled on her website, leaving us wondering where exactly she was out on all those miles of open water. That question was answered today with a press release posted to her website.

As of this morning, she has just 104 nautical miles to go until she’s done. If conditions stay favorable, she should have no problems completing the row early next week as scheduled, and my guess is that its no coincidence that she’s arriving in Mauritius, a place that is greatly threatened by climate change.

After spending all of those days out on the world’s oceans, Roz has become a dedicated environmentalist, and has even launched an Eco-Heroes program to create grassroots efforts to take care of the planet. One of the places that could feel the effects of climate change the most is Mauritius, where rising sea levels will have an impact on the island nation.

Watch for an official announcement on Roz’s arrival on land early next week and wish her well on the final leg of our journey.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I am blown away by this woman's spirit and drive. That boat is not exactly a rocket, it's slow going. Incredible what people will do for a great cause.

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