WEDALI Wins Checkpoint Tracker Championship

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This past weekend one of the top adventure races in North America took place at the Land Between The Lakes in Kentucky, where the Checkpoint Tracker Championship went down. The 24-hour event featured a tough course that was more than 100 miles in length and offered a great mix of trekking, mountain biking and paddling.

More than 60 of the best adventure racing teams in the U.S. were on hand to compete, and in the end it was Team WEDALI (We Eat Dust And Like It) that took home the crown. From the sounds of things, they didn’t just win the race however, they completely obliterated the competition and tore up a course that left other teams dazed and confused.

The Checkpoint Tracker blog promises more details on the race soon, including photos and video, but for now, I simply want to offer a big congratulations to WEDALI on a job well done.

Kraig Becker

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