Outside Online Lists Their Favorite Gear, Bike, Environmental and Adventure Blogs

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The staff over at Outside Online has been spending a lot of time on the Internet lately. The site, which is the web companion to Outside Magazine, has been posting lists of their favorite blogs and websites in a variety of categories, including gear, bikes, the environment, and adventure. The lists will have some very familiar sites for regular readers of this blog, especially since I was lucky enough to be named to one of the list as well.

The Top 10 Environmental Blogs features such sites as Treehugger and The Cleanest Line, both of which are favorites of mine. That particular list is topped by the The New York Times Green Blog, which just should be an indication of the overall level of quality of the websites on this list. The Top 10 Bike Blogs includes Fat Cyclist and Bike Snob NYC, which I enjoy as well, with Red Kite Prayer getting top overall honors.

The Top 10 Gear Blogs was definitely a hotly contest category, as there are a number of good gear blogs on the Internet. But these are definitely the best of the best, featuring our friends over at the Gear Caster and The GearJunkie as well. Outside’s top gear blog honors goes to the Outdoor Gear Lab, which is an excellent source of information on a dizzying array of products.

Finally, the Top 10 Adventure Blogs is practically a list of my favorite sites on the Internet. Some of the familiar names on this list include National Geographic Adventure and The Goat, which I link out to frequently, as well as Adventure Journal, which it tops in this category. That is impressive enough in and of itself, but the gang over at AJ also scored top ten listings on the Gear and Bike blog lists too! Well done to Steve and crew.

Finally, I’d like to thank the editors over at Outside for including my humble little slice of the Internet. I managed to rank 5th on the list of Adventure Blogs, and I’m excited and honored to be mentioned in the same breath with the other great sites on the list.

Kraig Becker

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