Trail Run Magazine Issue #2 Available Online

Way back in July I posted a story about a new online e-zine called Trail Run Magazine that was being put together by some friends of mine in Australia. At the time, I thought the content was fantastic and that the magazine was off to a great start, and judging from some comments that I heard, a number of you thought so as well. Now, the second issue of the magazine is out, and delivers even more great content.

Granted, Trail Run Magazine has a definite slant towards running in Oz and New Zealand, but that said, there are plenty of good articles for trail runners and adventurers everywhere. For example, the second issue has shoe reviews, as well as gear previews, that will be popular with runners of all types. The magazine’s athlete profiles are also interesting to read, and their regular columns for improving performance and shaking off injuries are welcome as well. I particularly took note of the article on ankle injuries, as I’ve been suffering with one for a month now, and it has severely hampered my running.

Trail Run Magazine continues the high quality that was set down with the first issue, and I continue to be impressed with how beautiful it looks. The images are fantastic and the writing is top notch as well. It is clear that this is a labor of love by people who live and breathe trail running and have a passion for sharing with their readers. Give it a glance and I think you’ll find that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Kraig Becker