One Man Epic: Back To The Desert


Last fall, I wrote a piece about Australian adventurer Tom Smitheringale, who as the time was just setting out on a new expedition through the Sahara Desert. Tom started his journey at Lake Nasser, located in southern Egypt, and kayaked 1200km (745 miles) to Cairo, ending the first leg of the adventure in the shadow of the Great Pyramid. After that, he traveled to Luxor, where he joined a bedouin tribe on an 800+ mile trek across the open desert by camel.

While that seems like it would be plenty of time for Tom to get his fill of the desert, that was just a warm-up for what he has planned next. According to this story on the Canoe & Kayak website, Tom now intends to travel across the Sahara, starting at the Nile and ending at Morocco’s Atlantic Coast. Along the way, he’ll cover more than 7500km (4660 miles), mostly on camel, crossing the Libyan desert into Niger, followed by Mali and Mauritania. When he has finished that leg of the journey, he’ll travel to Morocco, where he’ll cross the Atlas Mountains on foot, descend into the flatlands, and finish his overland adventure at the Atlantic Ocean. But event that landmark won’t mark the end of the expedition, as he’ll then get back into his kayak and paddle along the Moroccan coast until he reaches Casablanca.

You’ll be able to follow along with Tom’s adventure, which he continues to use as a vehicle to raise funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, on his website

Seems like this will once again be a great expedition to follow. Thankfully things have quieted down in Libya, which should make travel there a bit easier, although by the sounds of it, traveling through Egypt hasn’t always been a bowl of cherries either. Good luck to Tom on this next desert adventure.

One Man Epic: Mission Sahara from Dave Brosha on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker