Belgian Adventurer Announces Poland Trek Expedition

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Belgian adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke has announced his next project and it is an exciting one. The explorer who has already trekked solo across the Simpson Desert and gone north to south across Iceland, not to mentioned kayaked his own home country, has now set his sights on a summit to sea journey through Poland.

The new expedition, which Lou-Phi calls the Poland Trek, will get underway on May 7 and is expected to run for about 4-5 weeks. The journey will start with a climb up Mount Rysy, the tallest peak in Poland at 2499 meters (8198 ft) and will proceed to the Baltic Sea, located at 1.8 meters (6 feet). In between, Loncke will traverse the Tatras Mountains to the source of the Vistula River (the longest in Poland), which he’ll then paddle to the sea. All told, the route should cover some 1200km (745 miles) of wilderness.

A small documentary film crew, featuring photographer Natalie Hill and adventurer Tomasz Grzywaczewski, will attempt to chronicle the journey, joining Lou-Phi on the trail when ever possible to take photos and video of his adventure. He will go without resupply while in the early mountain stages but will likely stop major cities, such as Krakow and Warsaw, for food and other items once he starts paddling.

You’ll be able to follow his progress at by visiting, which has more information about the specifics of the project and the route that Loncke will take on his journey. Once underway there will likely be regular dispatches to keep us informed of progress as well.

Good luck Lou-Phi!

Kraig Becker

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