Dream Trips Of Extreme Athletes


The National Geographic Adventure Blog posted an interesting piece today in which they ask some of the world’s top outdoor and extreme athletes what their dream travel destination would be. Some of the answers are actually quite good and it is always interesting to hear where these people would go considering that many of them earn a living by visiting remote places on the planet.

There are numerous well known names on the list including the likes of Ed Viesturs, Gretchen Bleiler, Steph Davis, Ueli Steck and many more. Their top destinations includes such far flung places as Nepal, Tibet, Australia and the Swiss Alps. It is actually quite a diverse set of trips albeit ones that are most definitely adventure focused.

Some of the more interesting “dream trips” include Sarah McNair-Landry revealing she’d like to circumnavigate the globe using kites, skis and a sailboat. Polar explorer Will Steger admits he’s ready for some warmth and would love to visit the Australian desert, and clearly Ueli Steck and Andrew Skurka have similar thoughts. Ueli says he’d love to go into space while ultra-hiker Skurka wants to trek across the moon.

If you’ve ever wondered where the adventure crowd goes to get their travel fix, this will definitely be of interest to you. It might even give you some ideas for your next escape as well.

Kraig Becker

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