Explorer Mikael Strandberg Returns To Yemen

yemen map.jpg.scaled1000Way back in January I posted a story on explorer Mikael Strandberg’s expedition to explore Yemen by camel. The plan was to go from Zabid on the coast to the capital of Sanaa, covering 380km (236 miles) in the process. Not long after I wrote that piece, Mikael was forced to head home due to unrest in the country, but now he’s going back to finish what he started.

Mikael released his first dispatch from Sanaa a few days ago and it sounds like things are off to a promising start this time. He reports that the city is far more calm and tranquil than his last visit and the process for entering the country was far easier and straight forward than his experience a few months ago. He is currently handling the logistics of the expedition and getting ready to head out into the field once again.

Before setting out for Yemen, Mikael also wrote a great piece on his blog that shares the gear and equipment that he is taking with him for the expedition. The list is broken down into multiple categories including his base gear, clothing, cookware and more. If you’ve ever wondered what to take on a long distance journey, this is an interesting list from a guy who has tons of experience on those kinds of expeditions. I found the list of medicinal supplies he was carrying with him was quite interesting in particular, since you always have to be prepared for the unexpected and for all contingencies.

Good luck to Mikael as he sets out once again.

Kraig Becker

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  1. this sounds like an amazing adventure, I'll be sure to follow this one. Would love to travel through this part of the world…looking forward to the next update.

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