CheapTents Interviews Photographer and Polar Explorer Phil Wickens

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The CheapTents Blog continues their string of great adventure interviews today, this time turning their sights on polar explorer and photographer Phil Wickens. This past January, Wickens led a team of climbers and skiers to Antarctica where they took on 13 peaks along the peninsula, claiming first ascents on eight of them. Phil also documented much of the expedition through his fantastic photography as well.

In the interview, Wickens talks about his early inspirations for adventure (he was a Cub Scout!) that led him to becoming a mountaineer and polar guide. He also discusses his work with the British Antarctic Survey and goes into some detail on the Antarctic expedition, touching on his favorite moments as well as some of the dangers the team faced. Phil even shares some thoughts on shooting photography in the polar regions of our planet.

As for his favorite pieces of gear? Phil says his skies and ice axes are amongst his favorites, because without them he wouldn’t be able to play as hard as he does. Seems like a good reason to love any piece of gear to me!

Check out some of the action from the Antarctic expedition below, then head over to CheapTents and read the entire interview.

The Ascent and Descent of Mt Banck from Phil Wickens on Vimeo.

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