Video: Mountain Biking The Whole Enchilada

Everyone knows that Utah is one of the best destinations for mountain biking in the entire world. That’s confirmed in the video below that features more than 14 minutes of riding down a well-known trail called Whole Enchilada. The scenery is spectacular and the riding sublime. If you’re looking for a brief distraction from work today, this will definitely provide it. It may also inspire some of you to call it a day early and go get on your own bike. Sadly, I don’t have a trail this great near enough to me. It looks fantastic though.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: Mountain Biking The Whole Enchilada”

  1. This is incredible! My Uncle found this video for me to check out because my best friend and I are headed out there to Moab for my birthday on Monday! So awesome! Can't wait to do this! This will be such a great birthday! Thanks for posting this video you got me really excited for my trip out the next week 🙂

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