Himalaya Fall 2012 Update: Summit Push Begins On Dhaulagiri

Dhaulagiri from ramrekha

While teams continue to wrap up their summit bids on Manaslu and other wait for another chance on Makalu, it seems a summit push has begun on Dhaulagiri. If the weather holds and things stay on schedule, there should be several teams topping out on the mountain in the next few days.

Amongst those teams is the SummitClimb squad who spent yesterday resting in Camp 2 at 6560 meters (21,517 ft). They should be proceeding up to C3 today and if the schedule holds they may be able to top out as early as Thursday or Friday of this week.

Similarly, ExWeb is reporting that 73-year old Carlos Soria is on his summit push and could reach the top of the mountain later tonight. Carlos’ home team shared that news earlier in the day and posted the video below. While the entire thing is in Spanish, it does feature some nice shots from Dhaulagiri and gives us all an idea of what conditions are like on the mountain.

Like Annapurna and Manaslu, Dhaulagiri is also very avalanche prone. Conditions are said to be stable on the upper slopes, but lets keep our fingers crossed for the climbers who are headed up in the next few days. With a  little luck and good judgement, they’ll all get down safely.

Kraig Becker