Brazil 9000 Update: Lost And Found In The Rainforest

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Aaron Chevernak and Gareth Jones are now several weeks into the Brazil 9000 Expedition and as we all might have guessed, it hasn’t been an easy trek thus far. As you may or may not recall, these boys are attempting to travel on foot, canoe and bicycle across 9000 km (5500 miles) of some of the most remote regions of Brazil. They’ve started in the extreme north of the country, along the border with Guyana, and they intend to proceed south to the village of Chuí on the border with Uruguay.

As promised, Aaron and Gareth have been documenting their adventure and have just released their first video update from the field. It will give you a great sense of what they’ve been dealing with thus far, including passing through rainforest so dense that their guide abandoned them after just 16 km (10 miles). Left to fend for themselves, they managed to find their way into what they describe as a “no man’s land” along the Brazil-Guyana border. The region is uninhabited even by indigenous tribes, but from the video it looks absolutely beautiful. From there, they move on a river that local miners told them was impassable, but they managed to run it just 11 days.

The footage in this five minute video is simply spectacular and if they continue to release short films of their expedition of this quality, we are all in for a treat. We already knew this was going to be an amazing experience before they after started, but this first update is nothing short of stunning. I’m already looking forward to more videos in the weeks ahead.

Brazil 9000: Found in a Lost World – Update #2 from The Skeeto Lounge on Vimeo.

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  1. Amazing huh? Looked like a lovely place to be for sure. And with no other humans in sight, it must have been incredibly peaceful.

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