CheapTents Interviews Global Triathlete Dan Martin

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I’ve written about Dan Martin on more than one occasion. He’s the chap who intends to swim, cycle and run his way around the world in what he calls the Global Triathlon. He plans to launch this ambitious adventure by first starting in New York City, where he’ll attempt to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. After he has completed that leg of the journey, Dan will then climb on his bike and cycle across Europe and Asia, before hopping across the Pacific and running across North America, eventually returning to his starting point in NYC. All told, he expects to cover roughly 34,000 miles (54,700 km) in 24 months.

Before he sets out on this epic adventure, our friends over the CheapTents Blog had the opportunity to sit down with Dan and ask him a few questions. They posted their interview earlier today, and as you can imagine, it has some interesting tid-bits about the Global Triathlon. In the interview, Martin talks about his inspirations for adventure, his training for such a grueling undertaking and how he’ll stay motivated as he swims 3500 miles (5632 km) across the Atlantic. He also talks about his biggest challenges ahead and what he is most looking forward to on this journey.

As with any CheapTents interview I always look forward to finding out what the subject names as their favorite pieces of gear that they take a long on their adventures. But in this interview I also got a good chuckle out of Dan’s answer when asked what advice he would give to those who want to put a little adventure into their life. His response was:

Don’t do it. Stay home. Stay safe. Don’t open Pandora’s Box.

And if those eleven words can put you off then adventure is probably not for you. If that’s not put you off then go for it. Take that first step out your front door. That’s always the hardest one.

Couldn’t have said it better myself Dan.

Special thanks to the guys at CheapTents for not only putting together another good interview but also for allowing me to submit a couple of questions as well. I don’t feel that conducting interviews is especially one of my strong points, but the CT crew always does a nice job.

Finally, good luck to Dan on his Global Triathlon. We’ll be following!

Kraig Becker