Video: Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies

Mountains in Motion is a short film that managed to garner more than its fair share of awards last year, and with good reason. It is a beautiful piece of work that incorporates time-lapse photography to show the changes that natural landscapes go through over weeks and months of time passing. It also mixes in the thoughts of an earlier mountaineer to create a narrative that binds the film together and gives it an element that isn’t always a part of these kinds of works.

The entire Mountains in Motion video is now available online and if you have 15-minutes to kill, I highly recommend a watch. It is simply a wonderful piece of filmmaking and a great reminder of the fantastic wilderness that is the Canadian Rockies. A destination that is often overlooked.


Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies from The Upthink Lab on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

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