Team Adidas-Terrex Prunesco Wins 2013 Patagonian Expedition Race

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I haven’t written much about the 2013 edition of the Patagonian Expedition Race in large part because it has been difficult to get much information about what was happening. For a decade this has been the first big adventure race of the year and it is notoriously challenging with unpredictable weather always playing a role. This year was no different and we even had familiar faces at the top of the leaderboard.

For the fourth year in a row, Team Adidas-Terrex Prunesco has claimed victory in Chile. The team, which is made up of Mark Humphreys, Nick Gracie, Sally Ozanne and Chris Near, crossed the finish line yesterday after nine days of non-stop racing. They beat out ten other teams, most of which are still out on the course. It appears that Team Eastwind will claim second place today.

It seemed that the only way to follow the race this year was on Facebook and Twitter. The website for the event has typically provided live tracking, an up-to-date leaderboard and regular news posting on what was happening out on the course. Those things were absent this time out, which made it a lot more challenging to figure out what was going on. Hopefully next year’s version of the race will bring those tools back for us fans to follow.

Congrats to the champs once again. It seems that over the past few years they’ve made Patagonia their home turf. Well done!

Kraig Becker