CheapTents Interviews Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite And Adventure Cameraman Matt Sharman

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Our friends over at the CheapTents blog continue to do what they do best, namely crank out interesting interviews with personalities from the outdoor adventure community. This time up they put a pair of interesting fellows under the microscope turning their probing questions on adventurer Dave Cornthwaite and outdoor cameraman Matt Sharman.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve most certainly read some of my posts on Dave. He is the the mastermind behind the Expedition 1000 project, during which he is attempting to complete 25 individual adventures of 1000 miles or more in length without the use of motorized transportation. In the CheapTents interview Dave discusses his favorite memories from the seven journeys he has completed thus far, which of his expeditions was the most demanding (Hint: swimming 1001 miles down the Missouri River is tough!) and offers tips to aspiring adventure writers. He also shares some info on the next leg of Expedition 1000, a 3000-mile (4828 km) journey around Europe on an ElliptiGO bike.

Matt Sherman is an outdoor photographer/cameraman who also happens to write for the Jack Wolfskin Blog gear blog. He is an accomplished climber and mountaineer, and in his interview he talks about how he got started in those sports, what he enjoys most about his job and how to get those difficult shots in extreme environments. He also offers up advice for those who want to get into the profession and discusses some of his potential dream projects.

As is usual with interviews with CheapTents, both Dave and Matt share their favorite pieces of gear for their adventures. As I’ve mentioned in the past, this is always one of favorite parts as I’m always eager to hear what others enjoy taking with them when they head into the field. In Dave’s case that happens to be his Sky Tent, while in typical photographer fashion, all he needs are trousers with plenty of pockets to stuff excess items.

Both interviews are excellent and make for some good inspiration as we head into the weekend.

Kraig Becker