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Last fall I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pair of Trailblazer sunglasses from Liberty Sports, which I gave high marks for providing plenty of eye coverage and for being comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. I also loved the magnetic eye-cups that could be easily added or removed from the frames, providing extended protection from dust, sand, snow and other flying particles. Using the glasses on an almost daily basis while running, cycling and hiking over the past few months, I’ve only come to be more impressed with how well they perform. So when the folks at Liberty Sports asked if I’d be interested in trying a new pair of sunglasses that are on tap for a spring release, I jumped at the opportunity, eager to see what they bring to the table for outdoor enthusiasts. 

The new Panton frames are designed with the active person in mind. Their wrap around design hugs the head nicely, providing plenty of coverage for the eyes without impeding peripheral vision in any way. This is much appreciated while running and cycling, when keeping an eye out for traffic is of the utmost importance. 
One of the more surprising elements of these frames was just how comfortable they felt the first moment I put them on. I was expecting to have to adjust them to a degree, but they actually felt amazing right out of the case. That said, the Panton incorporates Liberty Sports Autofit technology, which makes them easy to adjust to your personal tastes. The nose bridge uses a soft, hypoallergenic rubber material that is flexible, breathes well and holds the glasses firmly in place no matter how vigorous the activity.
The magnetic eye-cups are part of Liberty Sports trademark designs and they were one of the features that I liked so much in the Trailblazer frames when I first used them. The new Panton models have a similar shield that clips on to the arms of the frame and are held in place also through the use of magnets. These small shields really do an excellent job of keeping foreign objects out of the wearer’s eyes, particularly when passing vehicles kick up dust while road cycling. But in warmer weather those same shields can be a bit stifling. Removing them from the frames greatly opens up ventilation however, keeping the wearer cooler in the process. 
The Panton frames are surprisingly lightweight, which aids greatly in comfort when wearing them on longer outdoor excursions. They do have a firm fit however, which helps to create a sense of security that they aren’t going to fly off when you start to sweat or pick up the pace in whatever activity you’re taking part in. In fact, once you slide them into place, they barely move at all, not even jostling about while running. 
I happen to wear prescription glasses in my daily life and my vision without them is particularly bad. That usually means that I can’t select some of the cooler looking sunglasses on the market because they don’t support the powerful prescription my poor vision demands. But with the Panton frames I don’t feel like I’m compromising a single thing. They look stylish and sporty and they provide the overall performance that I want out of a pair of sports sunglasses. 
In order to protect these frames from accidental damage, Liberty Sport includes a nice semi-rigid case with the Panton. That case is actually quite high in quality as well and provides a sense of security when carrying your sunglasses in a backpack or luggage. They also provide a soft pouch for storage of the eye shields when they aren’t magnetically adhered to the frames, as well as a nice soft cloth for lens cleaning and a clip on cord. All in all, a nice set of accessories to along with a these impressive frames.
If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses for your spring outdoor activities, Liberty Sport’s new Panton frames are a great choice. They’ll be available soon at a price of $128.99 and in a four colors: gunmetal, black, white and olive. I have the gunmetal and am particularly happy with the way they look. 
This is a high quality set of eyewear that will make an excellent companion for just about any outdoor adventure you have planned. As far as performance sunglasses go, they don’t come any better than this. 
Kraig Becker

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