Video: Crossing The Darién Gap

The Darién Gap is a rugged, remote region of nearly impassable jungle that separates Panama from Colombia. How rugged you ask? It is such a difficult environment that even today there are no roads that cross through this area, forcing travelers along the Trans-American Highway to find an alternate means around.

In the web series Hasta Alaska, which is featured on the The Adrenalist website, our intrepid adventurer enters the Gap and must find a way through. The results of those efforts can be seen in this short film below, which gives us a rare glimpse inside the interior of the Darién region, which is fraught with poisonous snakes, nasty insects and other wild beasts. This is a true-life adventure through a truly untamed portion of the world.

Hmm… after watching this, I suddenly want to go explore the Gap myself.

Kraig Becker