Casting Call: Naked And Afraid Season 2

Naked & Afraid logo

Want to be a reality TV star? This may be your chance. Yesterday an open casting call was put out for season 2 of the show Naked and Afraid, which is a Discovery Channel program although the press release said it will air on the National Geographic Channel.

If you’re not familiar with the show, each episode features a man and a woman being dropped off in some wild place completely naked and left with the task of trying to survive for 21 days. Some of the locations from season 1 include the Serengeti, the jungles of Costa Rica and the island of Borneo. Each environment presents unique challenges to the people who are dropped there, including how to find food and water, building a shelter and finding some makeshift clothes.

Metal Flowers Media is handling the casting call and they’re looking for men and women over he age of 18 who want to take part in this survival show. They are quick to point out that this is not a realty competition. Those who are selected to appear in an episode will be taken to their destination and dropped there for 21 days, where they must learn to survive off the land. Those who make the cut will be paid for their episode and during the casting process they’ll be flying finalists to Los Angeles to meet with the producers.

If you have any interest in being on the show contact Naela Duarrani-Linday at Who knows, you might become the next Les Stroud or Bear Grylls, although I don’t recall either of them doing a nude scene. I’d have to demand a stunt butt.

Here’s an example of what the show is like for those who haven’t seen it.

Kraig Becker