Follow Up: Keen “Build Your Own Shoe” Experience

A few weeks ago I posted about a new option from Keen footwear that allows you to build your own custom pair of their iconic Newport sandals. The new site gives you the option to select the individual colors of nearly every part of the shoe allowing you to completely personalize the look of your sandals.

At the time, I had just gone through the process and was waiting for my shoes to built and sent my way. Keen indicated it would take 2-3 weeks for delivery and I promised I’d follow up once I had the final product in hand. The shoes arrived on my doorstep a week and a half ago and I have to say I’m quite impressed.

Over the years I have owned several pairs of the Newport sandals and they have always been one of my favorite shoes. The Newports are perfect for kicking around town, light duty on a trail, relaxing in camp or as a travel shoe. They are versatile, comfortable and good looking and they perform well in and around the water too. In short, they are a fantastic option for an urban adventure or one that takes you to the far side of the globe.

I wasn’t sure if that description would hold up for a pair of Newports that I designed myself and Keen custom built to my specifications, but considering Keen’s legacy for creating excellent products, I should have known better than to worry.

My new sandals have a fantastic build quality and look great too, which wasn’t always a given considering I picked all of the colors myself. But more than all of that, this new pair of sandals are by far the most comfortable Newports that I have worn. That says something considering they weren’t just picked off the rack in a retail store but were instead built specifically for me.

The new “Build Your Own” option is not only fun it delivers a great pair of shoes too. That is exactly what you’d expect from Keen but it was nice to have those expectations not just met but exceeded. If you’re a fan of Keen’s active sandals, the ability to create your own is a compelling option.

Sure, you can still go buy a pair of Newports in your favorite outdoor store and they’ll serve you well. But for a few dollars more, you can get a pair built to your own custom design. Why not express your creativity and go with this option? You won’t be disappointed.

Kraig Becker