Top 10 Things To Do In Australia’s Northern Territory

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My July escape to Australia may be a bit of a distant memory at the moment but I’m still sharing the experiences from that great trip wherever I can. Last week, the PacSafe blog posted my list of the Top 10 Things To Do In The Northern Territory which is my overview of the places and activities you absolutely can’t miss while visiting that part of the country. The NT is the rough and tumble Outback for sure but it has some surprising options for travelers who like to escape into a beautiful, remote wilderness from time to time.

Some of the options that made my list include taking in an incredible sunset on the bay in Darwin, the Northern Territory’s largest city. I had heard about the spectacular sunsets there long before I ever arrived, and they did not disappoint in the least. I also recommend spotting crocs on the Mary River, hiking the Larapinta Trail and visiting Kakadu National Park for both its cultural and natural wonders. My suggestions include options for both the very active and for those who would like to take things easy from time to time as well. The NT is a nice blend of laid back lifestyle and thrilling adventures, which when paired with the famous Aussie hospitality makes it a great destination for just about anyone.

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